10 Kriteria Aliran Sesat MUI dan Ahmadiyah Lahore

Oleh: Erwan 

Kriteria sesat telah dibuat oleh MUI antara lain:

1. Mengingkari salah satu rukun iman dan rukun Islam

2. Meyakini atau mengikuti akidah yang tidak sesuai dengan dalil syar’i (Alquran dan Assunah)

3. Meyakini turunnya wahyu sesudah Alquran

4. Mengingkari autentisitas dan kebenaran Alquran

5. Menafsirkan Alquran yang tidak berdasar kaidah-kaidah tafsir

6. Mengingkari kedudukan hadits nabi sebagai sumber ajaran Islam

7. Menghina, melecehkan, dan/atau merendahkan nabi dan rasul

8. Mengingkari Nabi Muhammad SAW sebagai nabi dan rasul terakhir

9. Mengubah, menambah, dan mengurangi pokok-pokok ibadah yang telah ditetapkan syariat.

10. Mengafirkan sesama muslim tanpa dalil syar’i.

(sumber: http://www.republika.co.id/koran_detail.asp?id=312846&kat_id=3 )

Kini para pembaca bisa membandingkan apakah Ahmadiyah Lahore itu termasuk sesat atau tidak?

Keyakinan Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad tentang Rukun Iman:

“Our Kalima is: There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. I believe in Allah, the angels, the apostles, the revealed Books, paradise and hell and the Day of Resurrection

Keyakinan Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad tentang Rukun Islam:

We say the same prayers, face towards the same Qibla, fast in the month of Ramadaan in the same manner. There is no difference in our Hajj and Zakaat. (Commentary of Sura Fatiha, pp. 297-298)

‘There is no shortcoming in the commandments. Our prayer, fasting, pilgrimage, Qibla, Zakaat, and Kalima are the same. (Ruhani Khaza’in No. 2, vol. x, page 451)

Keyakinan Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad tentang turunnya wahyu setelah Quran Suci (mungkin yang dimaksud disini adalah wahyu yang sejenis Quran Suci yakni wahyu Nubuwat/wahyu Risalat, yang mengakibatkan sipenerima wahyu itu menjadi nabi/rasul)

“It is my belief that wahy risalat began with Adam and ended with the Holy Prophet Muhammad.” (Majmu‘a Ishtiharat, vol. ii, p. 230)

“A seal has been put upon wahy nubuwwat since thirteen hundred years ago.” (Izala Auham, p. 534)

“It has just been shown that wahy risalat has been terminated till the Day of Judgment.” (ibid., p. 614)

“How could it be permitted that, despite the fact that our Holy Prophet Muhammad is the Last of the Prophets (Khatam al-anbiya), some other prophet should appear sometime and wahy nubuwwat commence.” (Ayyam as-Sulh, p. 47)

“O you people, who are called the progeny of Muslims! Do not become opponents of the Quran, and do not start wahy nubuwwat after the Last of the Prophets.” (Asmani Faisla, p. 16) sumber: http://www.muslim.org/sa-case/evidence/s05.htm

Keyakinan Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad tentang kebenaran Quran Suci:

We consider the Holy Quran as God’s true and perfect book, and accept it with all sincerity of heart to be the last of the Books (Commentary of Sura Fatiha, pp. 297-298)

O brother, I have not brought any new religion nor any new teaching, but I am one of you, and a Muslim like you, and for us Muslims there is no other book to follow except the Holy Quran, nor is there any other revealed book to which we invite others to follow (Izala Auham, pp. 181-182)

Keyakinan Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad tentang cara Menafsirkan Alquran (mungkin yang dimaksud oleh fatwa adalah cara menafsirkan Al-Quran yang berdasar kepada Ahli Sunna Wal Jamaa)

“To sum up, it is obligatory to believe in all those matters on which there was consensus in belief and practice of the pious ones of the olden days of Islam, and which are considered to be Islam by the consensus of Ahl-i Sunna. (Ayyam as-Sulh, pp. 86-87)

Keyakinan Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad tentang kedudukan Hadits Nabi dalam ajaran Islam:

Our mission is the service of this religion [Islam], making it overcome all other religions, and following the Holy Quran and the traditions which are proved to have emanated from the Prophet of God. We consider it necessary to follow even a weak Hadith if it is not against the Holy Quran. We consider Bukhari and Muslim [the two compilations of Hadith] as the most reliable books after the Book of Allah [the Holy Quran].” (Ruhani Khaza’in No. 2, compilation of talks and discourses of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, vol. vii, p. 138)

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sangat menghormati para nabi:

“And if the objection is that some prophet has been insulted [by me], and that this constitutes heresy, the answer is simply, May the curse of God be upon the liars! We believe in all the prophets and honour them. Some words, which are fitting in their proper context, are not by way of abuse, but by way of supporting the doctrine of God’s uniqueness. Actions are judged by intention. People such as you had declared the author of Taqwiyyat al-Iman [Sayyid Muhammad Ismail Shaheed] to be kafir because they found such words in this book which they took as being insulting to prophets and equating them with thieves. His answer, like mine, was also that ‘Actions are judged by intention’.” (Anwar al-Islam, p. 34) sumber: http://www.muslim.org/sa-case/evidence/s15.htm

Keyakinan Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad tentang Nabi Muhammad saw, sebagai Khataman nabiyyain

And I bear witness that he is the last of the Prophets and the greatest of all the prophets, and an intercessor for the sinners.” (Anwar al-Islam, p. 34)

…adn His Messenger Muhammad (on whom be peace and blessings of Allah) as the last of the Prophets, ……(Nur al-Haq, vol. i, p. 5)

and when I affirm that except for the Arabian Ahmad, the last of the Prophets (on whom be peace and blessings of Allah) there is none to guide us and none to be followed by us, and none whom we would like others to follow, (Izala Auham, pp. 181-182)

Keyakinan Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad tentang ketetapan Ibadah seperti yang telah disyariatkan

consider unlawful all that the Holy Prophet had declared unlawful and lawful all that he had declared lawful, that I have neither added, nor taken away anything from the Shari‘ah, not even to the extent of an atom, and that I accept all that has reached us from the Messenger of Allah (on whom be peace and blessings of Allah), (Nur al-Haq, vol. i, p. 5)

We believe that whoever takes away from or adds to the Islamic Shari‘ah even to the extent of an atom, or discards what is obligatory and permits what is forbidden, is without belief, and has deviated from Islam (Ayyam as-Sulh, pp. 86-87)

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad tidak pernah mengkafirkan sesama Muslim:

“It is a matter of amazement that a person who professes the Kalima, follows the Qibla, believes in One God, believes in and truly loves Allah and His Messenger, and believes in the Quran, should on account of some secondary difference be declared a kafir like Jews and Christians, in fact even a worse kafir. … Learned people know that there were great differences among the Companions of the Holy Prophet. There was none of them who did not have any difference. … But no one called anyone else as kafir.” (Ainah Kamalat Islam, p. 259; Ruhani Khaza’in, v. 5, p. 258, 259) http://www.muslim.org/qadis/takfir2.htm

Sumber-sumber kecuali yang telha disebutkan, bersumber kepada http://www.muslim.org/sa-case/evidence/s02.htm


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  1. wewww kafir yvg ngaku nabi stlh baginda RASUL NABI MUHAMMAD SAW, trkutuk mreka yg mngaku nabi terakhr stlah nabi muhammad saw.

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